About Karen Bourdon

Therapist Qualities & Skills

Karen Bourdon is a counselling therapist with a Master of Arts degree in Counselling and is a certified member of PACCP.

Karen has been a therapist for over two decades, having experience with all ages, issues and people groups.

Karen is a sensitive, caring, compassionate person with a heart for hurting people.  Her approach is client centered, as she listens to what the client says, identifies possible root issues, and then explores solutions together, to find one that fits for the client. Karen has a unique combination of being both soft and gentle, while being bold and direct where invited.  Karen enjoys the thrill of watching people blossom into the potential that each person has.  Confidentiality, safety and respect are always critical components of her practice.

Areas of Specialty

Karen greatly welcomes all issues, but is most specialized in relationships, domestic violence, trauma, sexual abuse, childhood abuse, self-esteem, and separation & divorce.

Karen also has much passion and experience in other areas including:

  • grief & loss
  • family of origin issues
  • conflict resolution & communication
  • affair recovery
  • depression & burnout
  • stress & anxiety
  • eating disorders & body image issues
  • anger management & addictions
  • suicide & self harm

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